My name is Kyle Sherman. I have a variety of passions. My site will be a place where I will write different posts relating to each of these different topics. Here is a little bit about me as it relates to each of the topics about which I will write.

You can also check out my new app called Count It Off now available on the App Store.


I am very focused on health and wellness. My father is a chiropractor, so I have learned about posture and proper ergonomics throughout my life. During my professional career, I have met with numerous Ergonomists to learn more and ensure that I was working safely. I tend to get migraines and find that improper posture is one cause. I hope to help everyone learn more about proper ergonomics and why it’s so important, especially for people working on a computer for the majority of their day.

Software Development

For my full professional history, visit my LinkedIn Profile. Speaking of which, I currently work for Apple as a Senior Software Engineer in the Music Creation Apps team. Previously I worked at LinkedIn and a small company called PIX System making software for the movie industry. At LinkedIn, I worked on multiple teams including SlideShare (both Android & iOS), Flagship Feed iOS and now on the iOS Infrastructure team. I’ve been developing for iOS since the iPhone SDK was first announced in 2008. I currently write all of my code in Swift and have used it since day 1 of the language’s release.

I have released a few different apps on the App Store, though none are currently for sale as I have discontinued them.

I have a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Rutgers University in New Jersey.


I play guitar, bass, drums, and a little bit of piano. I started playing drums when I was 2 years old and guitar and bass when I was 10 years old. I enjoy listening to and playing classic rock, blues, jazz, and soul/funk. Currently, I play drums in NextPlay, the LinkedIn band, and play open jam sessions around the San Francisco Bay Area. I have played professionally off and on. If you’re interested in playing music in the area, let me know.


Another passion of mine is teaching. I love helping people. Teaching allows me to have a direct impact on peoples’ lives by helping them learn new skills. I have taught guitar in both group and private lessons. I have also taught private drum lessons. I authored a video course for the LinkedIn Learning Platform teaching LayoutTest, which is an open source iOS testing library created at LinkedIn.